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Rural GP Block Placement General Practice terms with the Rural Clinical Stream on the Darling Downs

The School is offering General Practice terms on the eastern Darling Downs. These will be based around Toowoomba in rural General Practices supported by the Griffith Rural Health Stream based at the Darling Downs Clinical Training Centre, Toowoomba.  

Accommodation will be provided in Toowoomba or one of the local villages depending on which practice you prefer. Please read the Student Accommodation Policy

Practices available are listed below. Students may contact RMEA to discuss which rural practice may suit your learning needs and interests.


Rural GP terms offer the chance for parallel consulting – seeing patients before the GP comes in to see them with you. Students commonly have their own booked appointments and are encouraged to follow-up their patients to see how conditions progress and treatments work (or not). Of course, always with supervision from experienced GP supervisors and rural GP registrars. Students can attend more than four sessions per week if they choose. GP teaching is centred around seeing patients.  Online modules are provided to assist in covering the curriculum.  Seminars occur Week 1, 3 and 7.   The DD CTC has NBN access and is bathed in Eduroam. We are connected to G40 and to Queensland Health facilities for remote education activities. The Darling Down PHN is quite active in providing professional development which Griffith students are welcome to attend.

There are social aspects to coming to the Darling Downs. Third and Fourth year Longlook students come into Toowoomba monthly and rural GP students are welcome to attend the social events associated. There are several seasonal carnivals in town including the Food and Wine Festival, the Streets and Lanes Festival, Royal Ag Show and Farmfest. Accommodation and the DDCTC is close proximity to the centre of the city and Queen’s Park. Students may also get involved in research activities.

If you think you would like to have a “short look” at rural, consider a Rural GP term.

More information on the practices, facilities, accommodation and activities during GP terms in the Griffith Rural Stream are available here.

For administrative and accommodation questions email: accommodation@ruralmeded.org.au 

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