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Does Caffeine or Green Tea Improve Weight Loss Outcomes?

November 3, 2020

The effects of green tea catechins with or without caffeine on weight loss is just one of the topics considered by third and fourth year Griffith University Longlook medical students who have been studying, training and living in rural Queensland this year with Queensland Rural Medical Education (QRME).

This Thursday 5th November these students as part of the QRME 2020 Rural Collaborative Research Program will present their findings across a variety of different topics to invited guests.

Between March and October 2020, the Rural Collaborative Research Program placed students with a regional specialist. Whilst on placement students participated in a combination of research and clinical sessions. Research activities were directed by the supervising clinician and supported by the QRME Research Team

The topic selection was based on the concerns of rural patients or a rural community.

Commenting on the importance of the program QRME Director of Education and Training and Griffith University Associate Professor, Kay Brumpton said ‘our students in the Rural Collaborative Research program research and  share the latest evidence to improve  health outcomes in rural communities.’

Other topics in the 2020 Program include:

Do Fish Oils Prevent Colorectal Tumours?

Mindfulness in the Modern Era

Does Pregarbalin Really Improve Sciatica?

Does L-Theanine Reduce Stress?

Does Oxygen Relieve Breathlessness in Nonhypoxaemic COPD Patients?

The Research findings were also complied into a publication ‘The Rural Review’. A copy of this can be found at https://online.flippingbook.com/view/344022/

The Rural Collaborative Research Program will be presented this Thursday 5 November between 5.30pm and 7pm at The James Taylor Room, Gips Restaurant 120 Russell Street, Toowoomba. Media are welcome to attend. Video and images can also be made available following the presentations.

For further information about The Rural Collaborative Research Program please contact

Fiona Bryce – 0400 029 258

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