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RuralMedEd Publication in Perspectives on Medical Education

October 26, 2023

RuralMedEd is pleased to announce the recent publication of their article Beyond the Written Reflection: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Synthesis of Creative Approaches to Reflective Learning Amongst Medical Students. The article systematically reviewed and synthesised data from 15 studies which utilised creative approaches to teaching reflection to medical students. The findings highlight that creative reflective learning approaches may foster students’ sense of belonging, support interpersonal skills, support personal development, may contribute to holistic development, and may provide opportunities to address diverse student needs. Dr MacAskill presented this work (prior to its publication in Perspectives on Medical Education) at the Australia and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators 2023 conference (https://ruralmeded.org.au/media/anzahpe-2023/) and was award with the ANZAHPE Early Career Award.

The research team comprised of RuralMedEd staff, Dr William MacAskill, Dr Hannah Woodall, and Associate Professor Janani Pinidiyapathirage, and final year Griffith University medical student Mr Weng Joe Chua. Joe (now Dr Chua) provided substantial input to the project and assisted in data collection, analysis, and interpretation, as well as reviewing manuscript drafts. RuralMedEd is committed to providing opportunities to Griffith University medical students to engage in meaningful research and is proud to have supported Dr Chua with his first journal publication. Congratulations Dr Chua!

The article is available at no cost from the following link: https://doi.org/10.5334/pme.914

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