2020 Clinical Audits

Within the scope of practice: Colonoscopy wait times in rural South East Queensland

Student investigators: Binuri Attanayake, Tamara Fisher, Phillip Karpati, Amanda Samsuddin, Elisa Tran

The bloody truth: compliance with postpartum haemorrhage guidelines in rural areas

Student investigators: Grace Hocking, Matthew Kent, Shivani Sharma, Kathryn Woodward

Best Practice for Bronchiolitic babies? Adherence to QCH guidelines in rural Darling Downs Hospitals

Student investigators: Grace Borchert, Ellen Coyle, Matisse Fox, Thomas Stubbs, Lucy Hills

The antibiotic battle ground: Blitz or assassination? Sepsis in rural Emergency Departments

Student investigators: Aaron Heffernan, Ariane Smedley, Tahlia Stickley, Emma Van-Hougenhouck-Tulleken, Sharon Oommen, Jacqui Holland

Assessment of the validity of the beta-lactam antibiotic allergy assessment tool for use in the rural context

Student investigators: Alexandra Radke, Bethany Sammells
Other investigators: Dr Karin English, Kay Knight, Dr Dan Halliday, Dr Claire Walter

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