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Rural Collaborative Research Evening

November 2, 2023


Rural Medical Education Australia, in collaboration with Griffith University, proudly presented the 2023 Rural Collaborative Research Evening on November 2nd. The event showcased the clinical audit findings of 3rd and 4th Year Griffith medical students placed in rural and regional hospitals as part of their Rural Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome address from Subdean Rural Prof Dr Kay Brumpton and Acknowledgement of Country, setting the stage for an engaging exploration of the diverse clinical audits conducted by students this year. Students’ audits were supported by Rural Med Ed Clinical and Medical Educators with supervision by Dr William MacAskill and Dr Brendan Carrigan.

Clinical Audits Completed This Year:

  1. Sepsis Pathway Compliance in Rural Emergency Departments
    Investigators: Michaila MacAskill, Rhiannon Farr, Lucy O’Brien, Stephen Jiang
    Supervisors: Dr William MacAskill, Prof Kay Brumpton, Catherine Manns
  2. Management of Patients with Gestational Diabetes in Rural Hospital Antenatal Clinics
    Student Investigators: Oliver Mills, Steven Hunter, Sandya Indrajit
    Supervisors: Dr William MacAskill, Dr Catherine Macdonald, Jill-Anne Wheeler, Assoc Prof Brendan Carrigan, Prof Kay Brumpton, Dr Daniel Halliday
  3. Patients Presenting to Rural Emergency Department with Psychiatric Symptoms: An Audit of Initial Clinical Care
    Student Investigators: Maria Saito, Elli Harford, Eliza Cochrane
    Supervisors: Dr William MacAskill, Dr Matt French, Nardia Ricca, Michaila MacAskill, Assoc Prof Brendan Carrigan
  4. Antenatal Screening Standards for Women Presenting to Rural Antenatal Clinics
    Student Investigators: Saran Takemura, Goachagorn (Skye) Darathai, Tess O’Connor
    Supervisors: Dr William MacAskill, Dr Emma Leu-Marshall, Jo Buckley, Assoc Prof Brendan Carrigan
  5. Screening and Follow-up of Antenatal Mental Health: An Audit of Clinical Practice in the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service
    Student Investigators: Keely Hughes, Hettiarachchige Gunasekera
    Student Acknowledgements: Jayron-Harland Gray
    Supervisors: Dr William MacAskill, Dr Claire Walter, Kendall Hawtin, Assoc Prof Brendan Carrigan, Prof Kay Brumpton

The inaugural winner of the Best Clinical Audit Award was determined by the audience, which included representatives from Rural Med Ed, Griffith University, Darling Downs Health, Darling Downs Health Innovation and Research Collaborative, and Southern Queensland Rural Health, and was awarded to Hettiarachchige Gunasekera.

The 2023 Rural Collaborative Research Evening served as a platform to celebrate the dedication and achievements of medical students, clinicians, educators, and community representatives working together to enhance rural healthcare. The success of the program was evident in the impactful research presented, showcasing the positive impact which medical students can have in rural communities.

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Dr William MacAskill, w.macaskill@ruralmeded.org.au

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