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RuralMedEd Publication in Rural and Remote Health Journal

August 11, 2023

RuralMedEd is pleased to announce the recent publication of their article Aspire2Health and COVID-19: the impact of the pandemic on outcomes from an outreach program to increase high school student interest in rural health careers in the Journal of Rural and Remote Health. The article assessed data collected over a three year period before and during the COVID pandemic lockdowns. The findings highlight the strengths of the Aspire2Health program as its hands-on clinical skills and the direct engagement with health care workers. The program achieved consistently high feedback from students – despite the pandemic – and was considered by students to be a strong motivator for considering future health careers. The Aspire2Health program is considered valuable to communities in rural Australia as it encourages rural high school students to meet the health care needs of their communities.

The article is available at no cost from the following link: https://doi.org/10.22605/RRH8007

You can enroll in upcoming Aspire2Health course here: https://ruralmeded.org.au/courses/aspire2health/

To request further information on Aspire2Health events near you in 2024, or to request one, please contact Mr Paul Purea at p.purea@ruralmeded.org.au

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